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How to Find a Learnership on Accounting

Are you young, good with numbers, and motivated to get started a career for accounting? A great accounting learnership might just be the ideal option for you.

What is a learnership?

A learnership is a type of employment agreement that is designed to give young people - usually all those between the age groups of 18 and thirty five - the chance to learn (and earn your qualification) when they work to gain working experience.

According to the Learnerships, a learnership is “a work-based approach to learning and gaining qualifications and includes both set up work experience (practical) and set up institutional learning (theory). ”

And based on the Skills Production Act, which usually regulates learnerships, a learnership must:

Incorporate a structured learning component

Such as a structured relevent work history component

Result in a training course that is listed by SAQA

Relate to a trade, job, or job

How does an accounting learnership work?

In case you enter into an accounting learnership, you be employed by an employer to gain practical experience through accounting (and to complete practical assessments), and studying to a indigenous qualification through accounting through a suitable workout provider, which include OTI.

Since you will be working for an employer during your internships, you will be given a small monthly allowance or maybe stipend for some of your expenses, which include meals and transport. The employer will likely cover the expense of your research.

How can you get and apply for an coordination learnership?

You can obtain a variety of registered learnerships from FASSET, the Sector Education and Training Specialist (SETA) pertaining to Finance, Cost system, Management Asking, and other Finance. You can also consider the websites from SARS, or maybe of the cities in your area, to discover what learnerships are available.

Various municipalities and various public sector organisations have learnerships to support skills advancement, increase usage of education, and minimize unemployment.

You may also approach ideal employers to learn whether they could well be willing to offer you a learnership. If an employer plays a role in the Skills Expansion Fund by way of paying a fabulous Skills Expansion Levy, she or he would benefit from such an agreement, as he as well as she would be capable to reclaim a number of your training costs in the Fund.

Access Requirements:

The requirements for getting into a learnership will differ from one learnership to another. If you prefer to do a learnership at SARS, for example , you will need Matric with good scratches in English tongue and Maths or Cost system. You will also need to meet the bare minimum entry requirements for the national degree that you will be studying towards in your learnership.

Additional Tips:

Prior to you sign a learnership agreement, ensure that you understand the conditions involved. Find out exactly what will probably be expected in you, the two as a worker and as the trainee.

Also ensure that your learnership is registered with FASSET.

Post by lifelifestyletab (2016-05-09 18:46)

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